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African Safari Tours Kenya, Masai Mara and more

A short African safari tour can vary in length depending on what you are aiming to achieve during your stay. There is a wide choice of longer trips, including a week, ten days or two weeks. Indeed, there are even overland expeditions that last a number of months. However, if you are short of time, or want to sample the delights a safari can offer before committing to a longer trip, there are a host of shorter breaks which can allow you to enjoy the main elements of a safari. Often these short safaris are offered as an ‘add on’ to a longer trip such as a beach holiday in Kenya, or a city based holiday in South Africa.

Kenyan Tours include the famed Masai Mara

A five day trip or less is generally regarded as a short safari tour. Most reputable safari tour operators offer these shorter vacations, and you can book in advance in the same way as for a longer safari. A five day trip allows you to cram in nearly as much activity as in a week, however you are likely to have less time for relaxation. An ideal five day safari in Kenya is offered by Go2Africa, which includes a stay in a forest lodge with drives out to see the Rift Valley Lake flamingos. The itinerary also includes travel to the Masai Mara to seek out the ‘big five’ animals every safari enthusiast would like to see. Five day safaris also work well in Botswana, with highlights including the amazing Victoria Falls, and seeing the largest herd of elephants in the world at Chobe National Park.

South African Safari Tours

Most safari countries offer short safaris, but they tend to work best in Kenya, Botswana and South Africa due to the infrastructure and easy access to the National Parks. However, for the shortest of safaris, South Africa tends to offer the most packages. With South Africa being such a popular holiday destination, many tourists like to add an element of safari to a vacation that is otherwise based in Johannesburg. The famous Kruger Park Reserve is under six hours drive from the Johannesburg, and it is easy to join a short safari to this premier National Park filled with big game. There are plenty of three day safaris on offer, which allow you to visit the Sabi River to see crocodiles, elephants and hippos, and then join both a walking safari and an off road drive in the Kruger Park.

For the shortest of all safari experiences, a day trip is also an option in South Africa. Gauteng Park is less than an hour drive from Johannesburg, and wildlife includes lion, rhino, zebra and cheetah. You can book this excursion once you are in Africa, and the taste of safari is bound to leave you wanting more!