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Where should I visit during a Tanzania Safari? Due to the fact that Tanzania gets only twenty percent of the volume of visitors who swamp Kenya, it is fast becoming one of the hottest safari destinations in Africa. Amazingly, Tanzania has three out of the top five natural wonders in the whole continent – Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti and Ngorongoro.

There are many places worth visiting during your stay in Tanzania, but remember that it is usually worth picking out a few favourites and taking your time, rather than rushing between destinations without stopping to appreciate the journey itself.

Top of every Tanzania hit list is the Serengeti. This immense region of varied ecosystems is home to an abundance of wildlife, from big cats to crocodiles. However, the main attraction is the ‘Great Migration’ which takes place a number of times a year. Over a million wildebeest migrate around the region in search of water and food. This is one of the largest animal migrations in the world, and provides a sensational spectacle for anyone lucky enough to be caught in their midst. By timing your visit during the calving season in February, you may also hope to see the excitable lions stalking their young prey.

In the north of Tanzania is the highest mountain in Africa – Mount Kilimanjaro. Also the tallest ‘walkable’ peak in the world, Kilimanjaro stands next to Mount Meru, both of which are extinct volcanoes. Together, these two peaks create a rainy microclimate, which allows green and fertile land to produce bananas and coffee. There is a national park and forest reserve located around the mountains, and it is a popular destination to explore. However, don’t imagine that you will scale Mount Kilimanjaro – the altitude is life threatening and only prepared expeditions are recommended.

The Ngorongoro Crater has been described as an ‘ Eden’, a natural paradise where plentiful water equates with masses of animals and birds. This crater is actually the grandest unflooded caldera in the world, formed when the peak of a great volcano – which stood higher than Kilimanjaro – collapsed some three million years ago. Although a visit to the crater is a safari highlight, the vast number of vehicles can be off putting.

The best of the rest still includes some magnificent places to visit during your Tanzania safari. Olduvai Gorge has yielded evidence of man’s first evolution, hidden in the lake sediments. Lake Tanganyika is similarly impressive, but for the fact that the water it contains constitutes over a third of all fresh water on the planet. Created as part of the Great Rift Valley fault, unique species can be discovered here. If you are interested in marine life, Chole Bay boasts coral in perfect condition, protected by the bay from the more negative effects of El Nino.