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Safari Vest Khaki Bush Safari Attire

The safari vest has become synonymous with the adventurer. This traditional item of clothing has many specific uses, and is designed with the intention of being used to capacity. When you are wearing this item of clothing you really will feel like the archetypal big game hunter. Nowadays it is not so necessary to dress quite so appropriately, especially if you are on a guided safari in a vehicle, where many of your belongings will be easily stored and accessible. You may find that instead of being revered for your preparation and appropriateness, you are sniggered at for your stereotypical touristy khaki clad image.

However, if you do choose to don this useful piece of clothing, you will need to know what to look for. A safari vest should be worn over all other clothing, and functions as a worn rucksack. This vest should hold everything you may need while out and about, from your binoculars and camera equipment, to fishing gear, maps, books and a sandwich. Generally a safari vest will accommodate sixteen to twenty four pockets of varying size, capacity and capability. They zip, Velcro fasten, extend and have many other ingenious ways of containing the numerous items you will need.

Any bush safari vest should be durable and rugged and definitely comfortable. Above all else this vest should be functional. Baring in mind the vast amount of items you will require while you are out and about, such as insect repellent, binoculars, camera and all the extras that go with it, flashlight, passport, sunglasses, sunblock, pocket knife, personal medication, maps and much more.

The following are various details your travel vest should have: Basic side entry pockets on both sides for easy access to general items, large zipped pockets on both sides for a wallet and any other items that need to be secured, inside pockets for private or valuable items, long and thin pockets for pens and writing equipment, a pocket for camera films and at least one water resistant pocket. There must also be a pocket sized and shaped for a passport. In addition to all this storage, your vest should have a key ring and D rings, as well as mesh around all or part of the back to increase ventilation as well as adjustable side tabs for comfort and creating the best possible fit.

Most of the bush safari vests available zip up the front with extra double snap closure and must be lightweight. Extras may include reinforced shoulders. There are plenty of safari vests on the market. These are generally khaki, olive or brown and are on the whole available for both men and women. They are extremely inexpensive for such a useful and well designed item.