Cheap Ski Holidays Andorra, Bulgaria and Slovenia

Cheap Ski Holidays Andorra, Bulgaria and Slovenia

How to find the cheapest ski holiday bargains

Cheap ski holidays are available to everyone these days, however skiing was once viewed as an exclusive past time just for the wealthier sector of society. Over the last 20 years, this trend has changed. As more and more resorts have been established, a new budget skiing market has grown and in turn ski holidays have become accessible for the whole of society.

Below are our best cheap ski holiday recommendations Andorra, Bulgaria and Slovenia are great places to go if you are looking to tap into the budget end of the market.

Andorra Arinsal

You can make a good saving by choosing Andorra for your holiday, but not the huge amounts of money that some people purport to save. Some resorts in Andorra have really taken off price wise, but one that remains very good value is Arinsal.

This resort has an excellent selection of confidence building slopes and is ideal for first time skiers looking to avoid broken bones as well as a serious dent in their bank balance. It has a relaxed village atmosphere but there are also a number of restaurants and bars which give it a livelier edge.

Arinsal provides pound for pound just about the best value for money skiing holiday in Europe.

Bulgaria Pamporovo and Borovets

If you do not have a problem moving away from the more established resorts in the Alps, Bulgaria is a beautiful country and is establishing itself as a serious option for all types of skier.

It has two main resorts, Pamporovo and the better known Borovets. They are undoubtedly amongst the best value resorts in Europe, both in terms of the cost of your travel and accommodation and spending money while you are there.

Slovenia Kranjska Gora

Not many people reading this will probably know where Slovenia is, let alone have considered it as a skiing holiday destination!

It is a really beautiful country and you may be surprised to hear it sits on the Alps and borders Austria and Italy.

Making the decision to go into the unknown in Slovenia may be a challenging one, so we can make the rest easier. If indeed you do want to give it a shot, don’t consider any resort other than Kranjska Gora. This is not because there is anything bad about other resorts in Slovenia, but because Kranjska Gora is a fantastic ski resort.

We are confident that if you choose from the resorts we have highlighted, you can enjoy a great value ski holiday without losing anything in terms of quality of pistes or après ski.