European Ski Holidays Cheap and Exclusively Europe

European Ski Holidays Cheap and Exclusively Europe

The reasons for booking a European ski holiday

European ski holidays are in the opinion of many, the most enjoyable on the planet. With some of the best mountain ranges and most exclusive resorts available, Europe has something for everyone including those looking for a cheaper option.

France, Switzerland and Austria are synonymous with European ski holidays and need no introduction. Other countries better known for summer holidays or city breaks such as Italy and Spain also offer an excellent choice of ski resorts. As well as this, other emerging countries are staking their claim on skiers from all around the world, with Andorra, Bulgaria and Slovenia becoming increasingly popular.

The big advantage of taking your ski holiday in Europe is of course the travelling. Flights are short and costs are kept low compared to other options further a field such as the USA, Canada or Chile. Another practical advantage is the use of the Euro in many European countries and the familiarity that this brings.

Ski holidays are expensive and once you have paid to get to your resort and somewhere to stay, you still have to contend with lift passes, ski and boot hire and often expensive food and drink. Therefore keeping the overall cost down as much as you can is paramount.

The other great things that Europe can offer are the different cultures and languages which all add spice to your European ski holiday. Whether you want to shout ‘ooh la la!!’ when you taste your mulled wine in France or ‘Bellissimo’ when you try your hot pasta in Italy, you are enjoying the diverse nature and sense of adventure that comes when you are high in the mountains of a foreign culture. This is lost to a large degree in America and Canada; two vast countries where English is the first language.

The reputation of ski schools in Europe could not be better, and this is not just for beginners. Intermediate and expert lessons are available; all delivered by supreme skiers who are all extremely good, if not fluent in English.

With all this in mind, we should feel blessed that we are part of Europe and so near to so many fantastic ski resorts.