Family Skiing Holidays Cheap and Friendly for all

Family Skiing Holidays Cheap and Friendly for all

How to get the perfect family skiing holiday

To have a successful family skiing holiday that is cheap and friendly for all, you must ensure that every member of the family has a wonderful experience in the mountains. Different ability levels must not be allowed to prevent a feeling of togetherness or that special family atmosphere which is crucial to a successful family break. Afterall, what better way to have fun in the snow than with your family?

We recommend that the best way to do this is through the use of a chalet or cabin. By renting a cabin you and your family will be together in one place, have a living and relaxing area, and also be able to have your own space if it is needed. Hotel rooms can be too cramped, have no general meeting area and can lead to segregation if family members are in different rooms.

The other critical thing we recommend is to check out the ski schools and child care in the resorts you are considering. All families are different but if you get this right you can cover the requirements of all members of your family – from the smallest members to the older, more competent skiers, and all those in between.

With the little people happy you will be able to ski with peace of mind before gathering later in front of the log fire in your chalet to discuss the day’s adventures.

The location of your chalet is also important. Ideally it will be near the ski school and the main chair lifts. Within the chalet, we recommend you choose one with a video and TV, and if you can’t arrange for children’s videos to be provided, it is worth the extra space in the suitcase to bring along a couple of favourites in case of blizzards or lack of snow!

Other things to think about are access and nightlife. It is not over the top to say that the nightlife is so lively in some resorts such as Pas De la Casa in Andorra that the music can keep people awake into the early hours of the morning. Traffic free resorts, which are popular in many countries, particularly Switzerland are attractive for obvious reasons. Similarly, resorts which do not involve a long plane journey followed by hours in a coach or train are a good idea.

Throughout this website we provide advice on the various critical factors outlined above, and if you take the time to look through our pages, you will find the perfect ski holiday for you and your family.