Ski Holidays Resorts, Equipment and Deals UK

Ski Holidays Resorts, Equipment and Deals UK

Advice on finding your perfect ski holiday

Welcome to this section of the site with information on Ski Holidays. We attempt to be the definitive guide to the best ski resorts, UK package deals, and equipment hire around the world.

Our aim is twofold. If you are a seasoned skier, we want to provide you with the information you need in order to make good decisions on where you go on your next ski holiday. This means we provide you only with the relevant information you need so YOU can decide where to go next, without the salesman’s spin.

Secondly, if you have never been skiing before, we hope the information contained in these pages will be enough to tempt you on to the piste. We are confident that if you try it once, you will regret not having discovered skiing holidays sooner!

We also offer advice on ski clothing and skiing equipment, so not only will you be at the right resort, you’ll be wearing the safest and most appropriate clothing, as well as leading the way in the fashion stakes!!

As well as our in depth reviews of specific resorts, we also provide you with information about how to get the best value for your ski holiday, how best to approach a family skiing holiday and also our opinions on the relative merits of chalets, hotels and apartments.

We know everyone wants something different from their skiing holiday, so we provide information on a whole range of activities including skiing, the range and standard of slopes, the nightlife with reference to restaurants, bars and clubs, casinos, the weather, the other activities available and the all important flight and transfer times.

We do not list an endless number of resorts which often only makes life more difficult. We have selected the resorts that stand out for specific reasons. This might be their excellent après ski, their challenging slopes or their family friendly atmosphere, whatever it is we are sure you will find our advice useful.

We want the world to experience the feeling of coasting down the slopes with the breeze in their face and hopefully this website will go some way into achieving this.