Ski Boots Reviews, Fitting and Size UK

Ski Boots Reviews, Fitting and Size UK

Tips on buying and renting the right ski boots

Ski boots are the undoubtedly the most important piece of skiing equipment you can buy, so the size and fitting of the boot must be just right. We all want to look cool on the slopes and have the best hat, clothing and goggles we can afford. But what is the point in having the best designer wear if you spend half your time with your face in the snow!

Ski boots are responsible for transferring what is going on in your head to your skis; and the better your boots fit, the easier this task is. If your ski boots fit properly and comfortably then you are well on the way to a good day of skiing. If you have cold toes or aching feet while skiing, the chances are you need new boots. Hopefully this page will help you determine which type are the best boots for you.

What type of skier are you?

Whether you like to cruise, hit the bumps, are an all mountain expert or ski at world cup race speeds will all impact upon the appropriate ski boots for you.

What standard skier are you?

This is also important as recreational skiers should opt for a more comfortable, flexible boot, while skiers looking for high performance should opt for stiffer, more supportive boots.

Ski boot sizing

While we can offer excellent advice, the best way to find the best ski boot is to go to your local ski shop. A well qualified boot fitter will measure your foot and provide you with a ‘MONDO’ point sizing. This is a universal ski boot sizing method. Remember to wear a pair of socks that you will be skiing in!

Techniques for trying boots on

A common technique for trying on boots is to take out the liner and put your toes all the way to the front of the boot. A quick guide is that average skiers should have ½ inch to 1 inch of space between the heel and the boot shell, better skiers should be looking for less; ¼ to ½ inch.

Fitting the boot liner

The nest step is to add the boot liner. Once you have done this, slide in your foot as far forward as it will go, then slide your heel back into the pocket. You must then adopt your skiing position and tighten the buckles. You should barely feel the toe of the boot. Beware; a boot will fit snug at first but liners will "pack out" and begin form to your foot after about 10 ski days.

If you follow the instructions above and consult with a quality ski boot fitter then you should end up with the most comfortable and most efficient boots for you. Don’t forget, once you have discovered the make and model boots you prefer, you can look through the internet for them and will nearly always find them for a better price!