Ski Chalets Ski Lodges Ski Holidays USA Canada

Ski Chalets Ski Lodges Ski Holidays USA Canada

Skiers are increasingly turning to chalets as their preferred type of accommodation for a number of reasons, not least the value for money they offer. Ski chalets are essentially a vacation home out on the slopes that can be hired either completely or room by room.

Ski chalets vary greatly in size and some sleep as few as 6 people but on average they will sleep between 10 and 16 people.

The majority of ski chalets are fully catered. A typical catered chalet has an in house chef that provides all residents with breakfast, afternoon tea and a three course evening meal with wine. The range of options available normally keep most family members happy, and even the most selective of eaters find something to their taste. The range in standard is also huge, with simple low cost meals available for skiers on a low budget, while chalets at the other end of the price range offer luxury meals prepared by professional chefs.

The food is not the only thing your hosts take care of either. The entire Chalet gets a daily clean up and most even offer a washing service if it is required.

All the above are very tangible benefits of choosing a ski chalet, but perhaps the most important benefit is not something that can be easily measured. It is the wonderful social atmosphere that they engender in all residents. It does not matter whether you have booked a whole chalet for the family or several rooms between yourself and other couples or friends. The chance to gather around the burning log fire to discuss the days events over a great meal is simply fantastic.

Your chalet host is normally a local resident and has an encyclopaedia’s worth of local knowledge for you to tap into. All the local secrets such as the best bars, secret runs or even the weather forecasts are instantly accessible! You might even get them out on the slopes with you, if of course they can find the time between cooking and cleaning!

If you are a family, look out for specialist family chalets. They offer childcare with nannies either in the chalet (normally only large chalets) or very nearby in partnership with the ski school. These special family designated chalets are great for parents who want minimum hassle during their ski vacation.