Ski Clothing Cheap UK Snow Wear Hire

Ski Clothing Cheap UK Snow Wear Hire

The importance of wearing the right ski clothing


It is important that any ski clothing or snow wear that you may hire, offers both warmth and comfort above all else even if it is cheaper than elsewhere. Temperatures on the slopes can be unpredictable, so it important that you are prepared for the worst. Lots of layers and a waterproof jacket are paramount, as are thermal undergarments especially if you plan to spend a lot of your time falling over and lying in the snow!

In addition to this, what you look like on the slopes can also affect your performance. Often the way you present yourself reflects how you feel. If you have warm, comfortable clothing and also feel that you ‘look like a skier’ in terms of style, then it might help you to feel more confident about your actual skiing technique. It reflects the old adage, ‘if you want to perform like one, you may as well look like one’.

Choosing brightly coloured ski clothing is also a good idea – it will make you more visible to your companions and also to other skiers during blizzards and periods of reduced visibility.

If you get to the stage where you can look in the mirror before you go out and are happy with the way you look, then half the battle is won.

All you need to do then is choose the right skis. One basic factor to raise immediately is the difference between ordinary skis and ‘carver’ skis. Carver skis have a thinner section in the middle of each ski. These have been developed over the last five years to make it easier for skiers to make turns. Our advice is that this is a ‘no brainer’ and even if the cost is marginally higher, you should opt for carver skis, even as a beginner.

The length of your ski will be determined by your standard and your height, all outlets which sell skis and rent them out will take you through the process of measuring your feet and your height in order to get you the right skis. If you rent skis and after a day on the slopes are unhappy with their size, then do not be afraid to take them back where shops will be happy to provide you with a slighter larger or smaller pair.

If you look the part and feel the part, and have good carver skis, then with the right tuition you can feel like a top quality skier within days of going on the slopes for the first time!