Ski Deals Cheap or Late Holidays UK

Ski Deals Cheap or Late Holidays UK

Tips on securing the best ski holiday deals

Ski deals in the UK, including cheap and late options, are summarised below in our online help guide.

Although skiing is much more affordable than it has been in the past, it is still worth looking out for special deals that many tour operators offer from time to time.

Book Early

It is in a travel agent’s interests to fill up flights and accommodation as soon as possible so they will often offer reduced rates if you book in advance. If you know well in advance where and when you want to go well in advance and can confirm the time off work, then this is a good option. It can save you up to 15% if you book around 12 months in advance.

Late Ski Deals

Conversely, if any accommodation or flight space is still available soon before the scheduled start of a holiday Travel Agents are of the mind than some money is better than no money. This means that rather than have an empty hotel room or an empty seat on a plane, they may offer these places at a reduced rate. The advantage of this is obviously that you can pick up some great bargains, the disadvantage is obviously that you have limited number of resorts to choose from and there is an element of risk because if nothing is available you may end up with no holiday at all!

Package Deals

The prices quoted for the majority of skiing holidays only include travel and accommodation. Any experienced skier will tell you that lift passes cost around £100 and ski and boot hire costs around £50. If you shop around you can find deals that at first glance seem a little more expensive, but after further research actually include a lift pass and ski and boot hire. In a similar vain, ski lessons often cost about £150 for the week, so if you can get these included in the price it is a great bonus as well.

Free Children

Some operators will offer ski deals where children go free, or children receive free lessons and boot hire etc. This is a great way to make a saving for a family skiing holiday