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Ski holidays require a higher level of preparation than your average vacation. The clothing required for a ski holiday is very important so use this quick guide to ensure you have everything you and your family need.

Start with your underwear. You need good thermal underwear which covers as much of your body as you are comfortable with. Thermal t shirts and sweaters are a good idea as well as a good pair (or two) of thick thermal socks.

Next on the list is either a good pair of warm water proof trousers in fabrics such as pro quip and neoprene and a jacket of similar composition or an all in one thermal waterproof ski suit.

The final touches are some warm, waterproof and durable gloves and a warm woolly hat which should cover as much of your head as possible. Don’t forget the majority of body heat is lost through the head.

Tubular elastic scarves are also good as they cover up anywhere not already protected by the jacket collar or the hat.

Anyone who has been caught on the slopes in a snowfall will tell you how important goggles are in this respect, so invest in some good ones and they should last for many years.

Taking a passport photograph of yourself can be critical. Most lift passes require a photograph in order to be valid. Resorts do have photograph machines but they are often very busy for this very reason.

Major injuries obviously require professional medical attention. Skiing however often results in minor cuts and bruises which can be remedied through the equipment contained in a basic family first aid kit. These are inexpensive and it is worth making room in your luggage to fit one in.

If you prepare well, you will avoid having to purchase new clothing or equipment at resort prices and that could save you several dollars as well as valuable time that could be spent on the slopes, so pack your luggage carefully.