Ski Holidays Switzerland Cheap Travel Guide

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Switzerland plays host to several of the world’s best ski holiday resorts. It is also ideal for ski weekends away from the UK because flying to Sion or Berne means a very short transfer time to the slopes.

A ski holiday in Switzerland offers something for just about everyone, with the possible exception of budget travellers. Although not all resorts are as chic and expensive at St Moritz the general cost of living in Switzerland is high and the ski resorts are therefore quite expensive.

We have selected a number of resorts which we feel are the most outstanding in their own particular category.


This is a traditional village resort, extremely handy to UK holidaymakers because it is just one hour’s drive from Berne airport. The resort is totally traffic free and the only way to get into the resort centre is on the train; this is no hassle at all and worth it for the quieter, petrol fume free atmosphere it ensures.

Wengen has a good range of slopes but stands out because of its beautiful scenery and its charming and relaxing atmosphere. If you liked Wengen but would like to try somewhere different, check out Murren, another Swiss resort which shares many of the characteristics of Wengen.

St Moritz

One of the most well known and best ski resorts in the world. This playground to the rich and famous has a champagne atmosphere and is so highly regarded because if its excellent slopes, sunny climate and stylish après ski. The whole resort went through a modernisation process in preparation for the 2003 skiing world cup and this has further improved what was already an exceptional resort.

St Moritz has everything you would expect and more besides. The frozen lake is simply breathtaking, and it is hard to believe the range of activities which take place on it, cricket and greyhound racing to name but two!


Grindewald is Switzerland’s number one resort for pure hardcore skiing; it provides good access to the entire ‘ Jungfrau’ ski region, offering more variety in slopes than you could possibly wish for.

It is also noted for its scenic walks and nightlife, where people who return year on year claim there is never a dull moment!


This is undoubtedly one of the best resorts in Europe. It provides easy access to the entire ‘4 Vallées’ region and is very popular with Brits. The piste is the most challenging in Switzerland and plays host to many major events on the international ski calendar. It has legendary nightlife, and perhaps partly because of this it is very popular with snowboarders.

We also want to draw your attention to three other resorts in Switzerland that we think offer something different. Kanderstag is absolutely brilliant for beginners, Villars is well hidden away from the crowds and Zernatt offers unrivalled views of the famous mountain the Matterhorn.

Switzerland is arguably the world’s number one ski country while being relatively expensive, it is worth every penny. So if you are looking for a unique ski holiday Switzerland could be for you.