Ski Jackets Womens, Mens, Girls and Boys

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What makes a good ski jacket?

Ski jackets play two roles on the slopes, whether a womens, mens, girls, or boys jacket. Firstly and most importantly they protect you from the freezing cold conditions and secondly they are the item that most people notice. If you want to look good on the slopes, your choice of ski jacket will be important to you, but the colour that you choose could help to protect your safety, too. This is because brightly coloured clothing jacket will make you more visible to others – something of great importance should you have an accident or find yourself in hazardous weather conditions whilst skiing.

As far as the actual structure and composition of your ski clothing goes, price is usually indicative of quality. The more you are able to spend on your garments, the more likely you are to be wearing something that is going to keep you safe and warm on the slopes. Qualities required of your jacket are that it is waterproof, that it is made of a breathable fabric and ideally that it comes with taped seams. It should also have venting zippers and insulating stretch components for added comfort!

As for fashion, it is fair to say that a traditional look is making a comeback, with parkas and deer stalkers all highly popular. However this old school fashion is mixed with today’s modern technologies to provide warmth, insulation and comfort.

Jackets fall into three main categories, parka, ski shell or fleece. Each has its own merits and people will no doubt have their own particular favourites.

Parkas are traditional, very warm but can be a little too big for easy manoeuvrability of the various body parts needed to ski! Ski shells are better fitting, waterproof and have a modern wind fighting outer layer. Fleeces are very lightweight and provide a reasonable amount of warmth, but in very cold conditions the fact they only offer one layer means they are probably not up to the job.

The basic message with regards to ski jackets is not to let fashion rule over functionality. But as long as the main qualities outlined above are covered, then do a bit of shopping around and let your own fashion tastes make their way to the ski slopes of the world!