Ski Resorts Best Holiday Locations Guide

How to choose the right ski resort

Ski resorts make for the best holiday environment, filled with the noise of happy people and parties and the smell of mulled wine and pine trees. You’re a million miles away from the problems of everyday life and it is easy to forget how cold it is!!

The first thing to point out about ski resorts is the time it will take you to reach them from your airport, station or even the nearest main road. Remember they are at the top of mountains and even if major roads can take you quite swiftly to the bottom of the mountain, taking the winding lanes all the way to the top often takes over an hour in its own right.

The roads are often more dangerous as well because of the snow, sludge, ice and the fact that you are on the side of a mountain!

There are two sides to every resort; the winter wonderland with stunning vistas during the day, and the après ski after dark with lively music and chat emanating from many fantastic bars and restaurants. Although these traits are common in nearly all ski resorts, you will never go to two ski resorts the same, even neighbouring resorts in the same country have individual characteristics making them unique.

A practical piece of advice to remember about ski resorts is the piste grading system. All ski resorts throughout the world use a universal system to identify the difficulty level of the slopes. A simple four coloured scheme operates, easily recognisable whether you are looking down at a piste map or coming down a slope on skis!

Very easy slopes are depicted in green, easy slopes in blue, intermediate slopes in red, and difficult slopes in black. Make sure you check these out before you start skiing down!!

Ski holiday resorts are such wonderful places that we recommend it is worth visiting them even if you are not a skier. We could eulogise all day about ski resorts, but the only true way to capture their inimitable charm is to check one out for yourself!!