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High up in the mountains, ski resorts offer the chance to escape from the real world and experience the feeling of being totally free, looking down on the meadows, villages and mountain roads below.

It is impossible to provide a narrative that is a genuine reflection of the atmosphere of a ski resort but below is some helpful information that may surprise you if you are a ‘first timer’. There are a number of factors that must be borne in mind if you are visiting a ski resort for the first time.

Travelling time will be longer than you may imagine from looking at a map. This is because although major roads can take you quite swiftly to the bottom of the mountain, taking the winding lanes all the way to the top often takes at least an hour in its own right.

It is important to drive sensibly and slowly on these roads in particular as they are often more dangerous because of the snow, sludge and ice and their precarious position on steep mountains valleys.

Every ski resort has two distinct faces. During the day the vibe is of a winter wonderland with stunning snow covered vistas. In contrast, after dark the après ski night is lit up by a multitude of lights and lively music and chat emanates from the many fantastic bars and restaurants.

Practical advice to remember about ski resorts is the grading system that is used to depict the difficulty of the slopes. There is a universal system used throughout the world at all ski resorts, and if you remember nothing else, remember this! A simple four coloured scheme operates, easily recognisable whether you are looking down at a piste map or skiing down a slope!

Very easy slopes are depicted in green, easy slopes in blue, intermediate slopes in red and difficult slopes in black. Make sure you know exactly what slopes you are on before you start skiing down!! Don’t forget if you have any disasters you can always get back on the ski lifts and get back to the bottom safely.

Although the traits identified are common in all ski resorts, you will never go to two ski resorts the same, even neighbouring resorts in the same country have individual characteristics making them unique.

Ski resorts are such wonderful places that we recommend it is worth visiting them even if you are not a skier! We could wax lyrical all day about ski resorts, but the only true way to capture their inimitable charm is to check one out for yourself!