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The traditional definition of a package vacation is one that arranges your travel to the resort, and the accommodation while you are there. When referring to ski vacations however, there are many more possibilities that you may or may not have included in your ski vacation package.

These extended packages are a good way of obtaining more value for your investment and although skiing is much more affordable than it has been in the past, it is still worth looking out for special deals offered by tour operators.

The prices quoted for the majority of skiing holidays follow the trend identified above and only include travel and accommodation. An experienced skier will tell you that lift passes cost more than the price of a good pair of ski boots and ski and boot hire costs about half that amount. If you shop around you can find deals that at first glance seem a littler more expensive, but after further research actually include a lift pass and ski and boot hire. If you can seek out these deals it is very likely that the overall cost of your vacation will come down. Ensuring these things are part of your package not only saves money either. Thousands of other skiers will be arriving at the resort at the same time as you, and this means big delays in getting hold of your ski pass and any equipment you need to hire.

Ski lessons are also another expensive element that is sometimes included in special package offers. If you have your ski pass and have hired boots and skis, then you will be paying a similar amount again for your ski lessons. The same rule applies, do not be put off by the large initial financial outlay. Do your math and work out how your package breaks down and if it works financially for you.

Don’t forget, many tour operators have special agreements with ski schools and hire shops and can therefore source better value for themselves and more importantly you as well!

Other special deals you may get in a package deal are when children go free. Some operators will offer ski deals where all kids go free, or children receive free lessons and boot hire etc. This is a great way to make a saving for a family skiing vacation.


Skiing vacations are undoubtedly expensive, but if you can get as many elements included in your initial ski vacation package, you will save money in the long term.