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The insider guide to clothing and equipment rental

Any experienced skier will tell you of the age old debate about whether it is better to rent your ski equipment of buy it. We attempt to highlight some of the issues in this debate in order to provide the basis for skiers to make an informed decision.

The equipment which is typically available for rental on a ski vacation includes skis, ski boots and sticks. The only time clothing is normally rented is for a first time skier who is unsure if they will ever come back to the slopes after their initial experience!

Indeed, novice skiers rely completely on ski rentals, as to invest heavily in ski equipment having never set foot on the piste would put many of them off immediately.

There is little doubt that for regular skiers renting equipment will prove more expensive in the long run. It would take about five vacations worth of rental to cover the cost of buying a full set of brand new ski equipment. So if you buy high quality equipment, and plan to ski for a number of years then financially it makes sense.

It is not as straightforward as a purely financial decision though. The added convenience of renting equipment should not be underestimated. If you are near enough to a ski resort to drive, then the problem is decreased as roof racks can easily be attached to cars to transport skis. However if you will be taking a flight to your vacations, then carrying skis, even in a well designed carry bag can be an arduous task.

There is often a surcharge as well as they are very heavy and result in you exceeding your luggage allowance.

Ski boots are slightly different. As they are smaller they are less problematic when travelling. It is also critically important to have a pair of boots which is comfortable. This is obviously a risk when renting boots you have never tried before and failure to find comfortable ones could result in a ruined vacation.

Technologies are always moving fast in the world of skiing, particularly with skis themselves, so if you choose to buy, make sure your skis are not going to be out of date the minute you leave the shop.

Renting for youngsters is also a good idea, as buying equipment for someone who is likely to grow out of it in a short space of time makes poor financial sense.

In conclusion, it makes good financial sense to purchase your ski equipment, unless it is for a child. This also provides the most comfort. However this must be balanced against the inconvenience of transporting this equipment to your resort.