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Prepare for your holiday with the right ski wear

Ski wear by the latest designers can been seen on even novice skiers, as the fashion stakes are high out on the piste. However in this section we focus predominantly on the functionality of ski wear rather than the style. Ski wear that is discounted or hired out from a UK shop can be just as good as designer wear, if not better, as our online guide explains.

For more info on the fashion of ski clothing please click here.

Don’t be misled by the many photographs in holiday brochures of sun and blue skies above the mountains. When you are at the top of a mountain it is very, very cold!!

Temperatures can drop as low as minus 20 degrees and are often around the minus 5 mark. For this reason you need to wrap up very well to ensure that you are comfortable while skiing, and also to make sure you are not making yourself more susceptible to injury by allowing muscles and joints to be colder than they need to.

Start with your underwear. You need good thermal underwear which covers as much of your body as you are comfortable with. It is worth investing in some high quality ‘long johns’ which will not itch you or make you unduly uncomfortable.

Once you have your baseline warmth in, then add layers to ensure that you not only have layers of fabric protecting you, but also layers of warm air. Thermal t shirts and jumpers are a good idea as well as a good pair (or two) of thick thermal socks.

Next on the list is either a good pair of warm water proof trousers (or sallapettes) in fabrics such as pro quip or neoprene and a jacket of similar composition or an all in one thermal waterproof ski suit.

The final touches are some warm, waterproof and durable gloves and a warm woolly hat which should cover as much of your head as possible. Don’t forget the majority of body heat is lost through the head. Tubular elastic scarves are also good as they cover up anywhere not already protected by the jacket collar or the hat.

If you can remain warm and comfortable while you are skiing through the use of appropriate ski wear, then you are a long way towards making the most of your skiing holiday.