Vermont Ski Vacation USA Stowe versus Killington

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There are two main ski resorts in Vermont: Stowe and Killington. These are two of the most well known alpine resorts in the USA but surprisingly are markedly different from one another.

Stowe captures the genuine spirit of classic New England. The resort has over two hundred years of history, yet combines this with state of the art technologies throughout. The nearest city is Boston which is nearly four hours away by car.

The resort, for all its fame, is a relatively small resort with forty seven runs and twelve lifts. It is best suited to beginner and intermediate skiers as most of the sixty three kilometres of runs are designed for cruising. The après ski is also good in Stowe, and the restaurants offer particularly good value for money. Don’t bother with dessert though, as a visit to the world famous Ben Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory will take care of that!

In contrast, Killington offers a completely different kind of Vermont ski vacation experience. First of all, it is a much bigger resort than neighbouring Stowe. It is actually seven interlinked mountains and has more than three times the number of runs as Stowe. The snowfall is excellent and this serves to accentuate the fantastic panoramas on show throughout the resort.

The runs in and around Killington are split evenly between standards, with two entire mountains designated specifically for cruising. The thirty two ski lifts provide easy access to every run in the resort. The ski school here is the best in Vermont and the excellent snowfalls provide a nice cushioned landing for those at the learner stage.

The après ski in Killington is red hot and this backs up the feeling that it is a very contemporary resort. With ‘fusion zones’, ‘outer limits areas’ and entire mountains designated for mogul skiing, innovation is the name of the game.

To summarize, the whole of Vermont has a classic New England feel and Stowe particularly provides a snapshot of this. Killington provides a great contrast and both are excellent resorts which one you choose for your Vermont ski vacation is, of course, up to you!