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Blanes Nightlife

The nightlife in Blanes is lively enough for its target audience"middle market" tourists, couples and families with young children. Rebellious teenagers will find it far too tame and "uncool". But for a walk on the wilder side after the sun goes down, there's big, brash and British Lloret de Mar just six miles up the coast!

There are nearly 100 restaurants to choose from offering most types of cuisine from burger bars and cheap Chinkies to more upmarket international fare and of course local Catalan dishes.

There's a strong Dutch presence here so you'll find quite a few Dutch bars and restaurants along with French, German, Mexican and other international flavours. Youngsters are well catered for as this is very much a family resort and it's unusual to find young children turned away from anywhere except the late night clubs.

The resort is a popular destination for Spanish holidaymakers so much of the nightlife is geared to their needs i.e. late night eating (the Spanish often don't sit down for their evening meal before 9.30pm), traditional fiestas, local folk dances and Spanish music. This is good news for foreigners with an open mind and a taste for different cultures.the bangers and mash and "all things British" brigade will feel more comfortable in Lloret!

For traditional Catalonian cuisine, try one of the many old farmhouses which have been converted into restaurants specialising in regional dishes which place a strong emphasis on fresh seafood. Popular local fish dishes include "suquet de peix" (fish stew), anchoas al estilo de las Medas (an anchovy dish) and lobster with chicken.

If you're not into seafood but have a pioneering spirit you could venture into a plate of the local meat speciality "manos de cerdo estofadas" (stewed pigs' trotters!). The local butifarra (akin to the English black sausage) and other Catalonian sausages are particularly tasty.

For dessert, "Crema Catalan" is a must if you've ever tried and enjoyed the French equivalent, crème caramel. In local bars you'll find the popular "el cremat" (coffee with burnt rum) and regional wines white and sparkling wine from Peralada, rose wine from Espolla and red from Campmany.

After dinner there are music bars, half a dozen clubs and hotels with live entertainment in the summer months.

Nighlife Events and Venues

You'll find plenty of traditional night time activity during the summer including regular folk evenings with Cantades d'Havaneres (the soulful songs brought to this part of the world by homesick Cuban sailors during the sea trading days of the 19th century) and Sardana dancing (the circular public street dances performed throughout Catalonia).

The town has fiestas throughout the year, the biggest of which is the Festa Major summer fair from July 24 28th. The streets become a riot of music, dancing and entertainment but without doubt the highlight of the fiesta is the fireworks contest which attracts participants from around the world. The contest has become a major event both nationally and internationally, with some of the most spectacular displays to be seen in Spain (and that's saying something because the Spanish are firework crazy!).

If you're feeling lucky, pop along to the Casino Lloret de Mar, between Blanes and Lloret. The gambling tables offer French and American roulette, blackjack and chemin de fer. The casino stays open until 4am on weekdays and until 5am at weekends. You'll need your passport to gain entry.