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Granada Accommodation

Granada city and the province surrounding it both have a huge range of tourist accommodation as you'd expect to find in a region which is home to one of the greatest architectural wonders of the world. You can follow in the footsteps of the Nasrid Sultans and bed down in the grounds of the fabulous Alhambra Palace.or sleep in one of the gypsy caves which spawned some of the world's greatest flamenco dancers.

Without doubt the most majestic hotel in town is, unsurprisingly, named the Alhambra Palace a magnificent building in the palace grounds on top of the Alhambra hill with the snow covered peaks of the Sierra Nevada as its backdrop. Moorish kings, the Catholic monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella and countless poets, painters and writers made the Alhambra their home before it emerged as one of the world's top visitor attractions of the 20th century. It was here that the Arab sultans reclined on silken cushions as naked, nubile nymphs danced before them.the hotel doesn't provide that particular service these days but if you can afford to stay here you'll receive every other imaginable comfort in sumptuous surroundings.


Close by is the Alhambra Parador which is one of the loveliest and most popular Paradors in the impressive line up of government owned chain of hotels. It's part of a palace and mosque built between 1332 and 1354. It was converted into a Franciscan convent under the orders of Queen Isabella who was initially buried here with Kind Ferdinand until the couple's bodies were transferred to the Royal Chapel, where they now lie. Rooms here are in such demand that you normally have to book months in advance.

The modern part of the city is well served with plenty of big, high rise hotels in the three and four star range. If you're looking for something cheaper, head for one of the many hostals and pensions which offer varying standards according to how much you want to pay. Many have en suite facilities these days and most provide clean and comfortable accommodation at a very affordable price. There are some rather grim and dingy hostals in the city so it's best to go on a personal recommendation or insist on checking out the premises before you commit yourself.

Some of the most charming pensions are to be found in the old Arab Jewish Quarter of Albaicin, including the 17th century Casa de Alijarife. The pension has been fully modernised but still offers a lovely old style interior courtyard with a Moorish fountain and spectacular views of the Alhambra. This is another place where you'll need to book well in advance because it's only tiny and it's fast becoming one of Granada's worst kept secrets.

Students and low budget travellers head for the 230 bed youth hostel in Avenida Ramon y Cajal which offers a selection of two and three bed rooms along with half a dozen rooms specially adapted for wheelchair users.

For something a bit different try one of the old gypsy cave houses of El Sacromonte which have been converted into modern holiday accommodation. Many of the cave houses of the surrounding countryside have also been turned into unusual self catering accommodation where you almost expect to find Bilbo Baggins living next door!