Spain Guide


Hotels in Spain

You will get what you pay for when it comes to Spanish hotels, and the quality of accommodation can vary a great deal. There is a wealth of hotels across the country to choose from for your stay, and with a little research you shouldn't have any problems finding something ideal for both your holiday and your pocket.

Like many countries Spain's ranks its hotels on a one to five star scale, with five being the highest. These ranking are set by the Spanish government. They're based on facilities and services like elevators and escalators, private bathrooms, room service and air conditioning. There is a special rating reserved for the best hotels which ranks them above a five star place 'Gran Lujo' or Grand Luxury is the highest ranking a hotel can have.

A one star hotel will be extremely basic and may not always have private bathrooms, but should be very reasonably priced. Three star rooms should be up to a pretty decent standard of quality and cleanliness A four star hotel should provide first class accommodation, and in a five star room you can expect room service, regular maid services, and laundry taken care of as well as impressive interiors and views.


There are of course some cost effective alternatives to the pricey hotels. In Spain it's possible to find hotels without restaurants for a good form of accommodation. They are unranked but normally serve breakfast and boast a bar and some sort of room service. The hostal in Spain is very similar to a traditional hotel room, but can't be rated at more than three stars and are quite a lot more affordable. Pensiones are usually clean, comfortable, and family owned and run.

In such a large country with such a varied landscape the sky is literally the limit when it comes to choosing the perfect Spanish hotel. Here you'll find boutique hotels housed in 17th century abbeys, rustic farmhouses, snow capped Pyrenees retreats and nestled amongst olive groves. You will find plenty of beautiful, modern hotels is some of Spain's big cities, but many hotels in both the city and the country are housed within elaborate buildings which are hundreds of years old, enveloping you in a little bit of Spanish history.