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Santa Susanna Tourist Attractions Things to Do

Santa Susanna is perfectly placed for exploring Catalonia the wild and ruggedly beautiful coastline of the Costa Brava is just to the north, the exciting city of Barcelona is only 64 kilometres south and a host of major attractions are within easy reach.

You'll no doubt want to start by getting to know the resort and its immediate surroundings. Visit the fortified castle of Can Rates with its 16th century watch tower, built to protect the local population from pirates and other sea borne invaders. Nearby is the Capilla de Santa Susanna, a small chapel dating back to the pre Roman era.

The local parish church of Santa Susanna boasts some beautiful murals and the chapel of La Mare de Deu de Gracia is also worth a visit, if only for the wonderful panoramic views.

If you're visiting in August you'll be able to join in the biggest fiesta of the year in honour of the town's patron saint Santa Susanna. The celebrations involve round the clock music, dancing, feasting and general merrymaking in the streets. This is your chance to see the famous Sardana the local folk dance which has become an important emblem of Catalonia. Participants join hands and dance in circles to symbolise the brotherhood and unity which have long bound the Catalonian people.

May sees another important fiesta, the feast of Sant Isidre which takes place on the Sunday closest to May 15th. In December, during the "Puente de Purisima" public holiday, there's an international horseback race, the "Raid Hipico", between Santa Susanna and Barcelona.

Nature lovers, hikers, mountain bikers and horse riders will enjoy a trip into the Massif Montnegre national reserve the mountainous wooded area behind the town where there are several ancient springs so you can quench your thirst with some deliciously cool fresh mountain water.

Don't miss the chance to spend at least a day in Barcelona because this truly is an awe inspiring city and it's an easy journey from Santa Susanna by train, bus or car (but if you travel by car, brace yourself for traffic congestion and parking problems). The Gaudi architecture will take your breath away and the city's famous fountains are often the most treasured memory of visitors to this part of the world. A stroll along Las Ramblas with its street stalls and cafes is also a must.

The Benedictine Monastery of Montserrat, inland from Santa Susanna, is well worth a visit. A religious sanctuary was founded here in 1075 but the extraordinary rock formations which surround it have inspired religious worship for thousands of years.

A museum dedicated to the works of the famous Spanish painter Salvador Dali is at Figueres, about 140 kilometres north of the resort.

There are also some great family days out to be enjoyed. At Marineworld (just north of Santa Susanna) you'll find dolphin and sea lion shows, more than 300 animals, including seals and otters, and a water park. Just outside Lloret de Mar, north east along the coast, is Water World which is the biggest water park in Europe.

At Parque de las Aves, in Vilassar de Mar, you can see more then 300 different species of indigenous birds and more than 500 varieties of flowers, shrubs and palms.

The Universal Studios Port Aventura theme park is about 155 kilometres south of Santa Susanna near Tarragona you'll need to set off early to fit everything in because this Disney style adventure park is chock a block with thrill rides, activities and live entertainment.