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Buying Spanish properties is one of the best possible investments you can make in the current economic climate. An ever increasing number of northern Europeans are buying Spanish homes which offer both a welcome escape from colder climes and rich rewards in terms of both rental income and capital appreciation. Despite the huge demand, there's still a bewildering choice of property for sale in Spain as developers, construction companies and estate agents fall over each other in an unseemly scramble for a slice of the staggering profits to be made from the hunger to own a dream home in the sun.

Choose the right location and type of property and you'll be onto a sure fire winner when it comes to a return on your investment. But be warned: thousands of foreigners have come a cropper through buying a property in Spain because they failed to do their homework and take good advice. It's all too easy for the dream to turn into a nightmare when you invest what may be your entire life's savings in a house in a foreign country where the language, bureaucratic systems and entire culture are completely different than in your native land.

The aim of this section of the site is to provide you with useful and completely independent information designed to guide you through the minefield of the Spanish property market. There's a mass of information about buying a house in Spain currently available on the Internet. The truth is that most of it is provided by companies directly involved in the Spanish housing industry and their ultimate goal is to sell you a villa or apartment (so they're not about to warn you of the potential dangers lurking in these Mediterranean waters!) 

There have been countless horror stories of foreign buyers falling headlong into some obvious traps, apparently blinded by their desire to escape to the sun. Unwary foreigners have lost thousands of pounds (some have even gone bankrupt) through failing to take a few simple precautions.

If you take the time to absorb the advice offered here you'll be doing yourself a huge favour. Remember, only fools rush in! We've drawn on a pool of expert knowledge and years of personal experience in the Spanish housing market to bring you the most sound and independent advice you're likely to find anywhere on the web today. Topics covered include the pros and cons of moving to Spain with children, how to find a property without using an estate agent, the advantages (and of course the downside) of buying into a community development and the potential problems involved in buying direct from a developer.