Flights to Tallinn Airport Information Suggested Itineraries Tallinn

Flights to Tallinn and Airport Information Suggested Itineraries

Not so long ago if you mentioned that you were going to Tallinn; you’d be met with blank expressions and an inevitable where? However, recently Tallinn has become one of the UK’s best loved city break destinations; its growing popularity eclipsing former Eastern bloc giants such as Prague and Warsaw.

Since the Iron Curtain was lifted in 1991 the number of flights to Tallinn has soared and today you fly from most European capitals; although you usually have to stopover and change planes. The exception to the rule is Estonia Airlines, which flies directly from London Gatwick to Tallinn daily. Estonia Airlines also boasts some of the most competitive fares around. Direct flights from London take approximately three hours.

Tallinn airport is conveniently located six km from the city centre. Recent multi million dollar renovations have transformed Tallinn airport into a slick operation that would put many other European airports to shame. Once you’ve been through passport control and picked up your bags it’s a short cab ride the heart of the Old City.

Booking a flight to Tallin is a fairly simple business. A large number of scheduled airlines serve the city and it’s simply a case of shopping around until you find the most competitive deal. No frills airlines have been slow to serve the former soviet states and currently there aren’t any budget airlines flying from the UK to Tallinn, although this will no doubt change soon.

Besides looking for flights on the Internet it’s worth popping into your local travel agent’s and ringing some of the specialist Baltic travel companies who advertise in the back pages of the travel supplements.

If money is your main concern; it may be worth booking a cheap flight to Helsinki (the capital of neighbouring Finland) and then taking a ferry to Tallinn. This isn’t as daft as it first sounds, especially if you consider that most flights to Tallinn aren’t direct and can take up to five hours. Ferries to Tallinn depart regularly during the peak summer months and take just two hours.