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Accommodation Available in Thailand

Villa Accommodation in Thailand

Thailand accommodation for tourists is readily available and is usually fairly cheap. Some areas tend to be slightly overpriced though, according to their popularity. It is worth looking around and checking out a few places before you commit to somewhere but usually competition keeps the prices at the same, or similar, rate in a particular area at a particular time of year. It can get very busy during holidays as Thais also like to visit local resorts during school or public holidays so you may need to book ahead at these times. Thailand accommodation often increases in price during high season, November to February.

Watch out for touts who earn commission from some of the countries hotels. Sometimes they will maintain that a particular hotel is closed or "very bad" just to get you to stay at the hotel or guesthouse which pays them commission. So it is better to find a hotel for yourself rather than going with tuk tuk driver's recommendation.

Cheap accommodation on the islands tends to come in the form of bamboo beach huts. These are very simple, some with a toilet and shower if you wish, or with shared toilet facilities. It is useful to have a fan as it is very warm at nights. If planning to spend all your time on the beach, or out doing things, then a bamboo hut with a mattress and fan may be all you need. See Thailand Bungalows.

Tents are also available for hire in some of the National Parks. These are already put up with a mattress inside, and shared bathroom facilities. Bamboo bungalows are also available in National Parks, or camping facilities it can be quite exciting sleeping in the jungle. But you have to get used to the insects and have plenty of mosquito repellent.

Some Buddhist temples allow you to stay overnight. This means complying with the rules of the temple, early rising, usually men only, with a small donation in return. Dress appropriately some offer meditation courses or retreats. Rules are no alcohol, smoking, or meat for duration of your stay, sometimes no talking.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to hotels in Thailand. Whether you are staying in Bangkok, on the coast or one of the islands, there is bound to be several hotels to choose from. See Thailand Hotels to guide you to the best hotel for your trip.

Thailand Resorts range from standard to luxury, so depending on what sort of traveling you are doing, you will no doubt find a resort to suit. See Thailand Resorts for more information.

Options for Backpackers

Khao San Road in Bangkok has plenty of backpackers' hostels. Most resorts have low budget Thailand accommodation of a reasonable standard. There is a Thai branch of Hostelling International based in Bangkok with hostels in Bangkok and Chiang Mai these are usually only available for card holders.

Scuba diving resorts often offer a couple nights' accommodation for free if you are doing a diving course with them. See our guide for backpackers for more information.