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Things to do while Visting Thailand

The southern coastal areas of Thailand offer a variety of water sports:

Scuba diving: there some wonderful dive sites in Thailand and the tropical sea means a pleasant environment to go diving in. Diving courses are available.

Snorkelling: snorkelling trips can be arranged. Thailand has beautiful coral reefs and fascinating marine life.

Canoeing and kayaking: paddling out to submerged caves known as hwang in Thai, pronounced hong, can be arranged. You need to go at low tide to be able to get into the caves.

Windsurfing, jet skiing and other water sports are available in Thailand's beach resorts.

Boat trips and activities on Thailand's rivers can be arranged. The best time to do these is after the rains in November. Waterfalls also tend to be at their best at this time. Doing river trips along the river in Bangkok and through the canals allows you see Bangkok's wats, stunning architecture and see how people live in the rougher areas of Bangkok next to the canals. The rivers in north Thailand can be used for rafting and tubing (floating down the river in a huge rubber tube like a doughnut).

Land activities include rock climbing, golf, and learning Thai boxing. Thai boxing or muay thai is a full contact sport and not for the faint hearted. Treks to see the hill tribes in North Thailand are very popular. These can be arranged from Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai or through the locals in smaller villages in the north and north west regions of Thailand.

For a gentler pace of life there are other activities such as visiting health spas Koh Samui is particularly well known for these. Traditional Thai massages can be very invigorating and cure aches and pains. Cultural experiences include visiting temples, meeting and talking with Buddhist monks, visiting villages and seeing how they produce their handicrafts, meeting and talking to locals, eating Thai food and shopping for souvenirs.

There is also plenty to do in the evenings. Thailand has a vibrant nightlife, particularly in the cities and in the larger tourist resorts. Koh Pha Ngan's full moon parties are famous worldwide. Bangkok has many night clubs where both Thai and international DJs play. There are cabarets with kathoey performing these are Thai males who dress and look like women. Another attraction are the Thai boxing matches: these tend to be of a higher standard in Bangkok but it is possible to see Thai boxing, in Phuket and other large tourist resorts.

Courses can be booked through guesthouses, or tourist information can assist on what is available. Courses include learning Thai, cookery courses, meditation retreats and massage courses.