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Thai airlines have flights to China, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia and Singapore and of course domestic flights. There are many domestic airports in Thailand and many tourist destinations and resorts are now served by an airport. Flying direct from one location to another can save a lot of time. Places that look close together on a map may in fact be separated by long, windy, mountainous roads which take a long time to travel along on a bus or sawngthaew (these are pick up trucks with two benches which travel along set routes, picking up and dropping off passengers along the way) and internal flights are fairly inexpensive and can definitely be worth the time saved.

The best way to book flights is to go to a travel agent. These are plentiful in tourist areas and can have flight schedules for the all the companies that run flights on the route you need. They will also have up to date information on any special offers or discounts. They can check flight availability on their computers and book the flights for you and issue the tickets. Usually domestic flights are available at very short notice but it is best to book a few days ahead if possible. Flights may get booked up over public holidays and weekends.

There are economy one way fares but these go quickly so if booking late, you may have to pay full price. If paying by credit, travel agents usually charge a percentage commission on the total. Domestic departure tax is included in the price of the ticket. If you can not fly to your destination direct and have to go via somewhere else, the price for both the flights together is cheaper than the prices of the individual flights.

You should make any special requirements known when you book the tickets, for instance vegetarian meals. Check in for domestic flights is usually one hour before departure.