Bangkok Thailand Attractions Sightseeing Bangkok

Bangkok Thailand Attractions Sightseeing


It is impossible to get bored in Bangkok. Thailand's modern capital city has everything you could possibly want and quite a lot you wouldn't. While it is very developed and Westernised in some ways, it still retains an Asian flavour with its tuk tuk drivers and street vendors selling Thai food. Pollution is a problem in Bangkok and the heat and humidity can get to you after a while. All sorts of activities take place here tattooing, body piercing, go go bars with exotic dancers and massages, wats, river cruises and Thai boxing.

Khao San Road tends to be the center for backpackers with its cheap accommodation; restaurants serving Thai, Indian, Western and vegetarian food; bookshops selling English and European language books; market stalls selling clothing and jewelry; and travel agents. At the other end of the spectrum it is possible to find international standard quality hotels in Bangkok, as well as comfortable guesthouses.

Bangkok has an international airport on the outskirts of the city to the north east. There are buses into the centre which take about an hour and some of the larger hotels operate shuttle buses. Bangkok has a new internal overland train system: the Skytrain. This is much more comfortable but more expensive than the buses. If using local buses, you may find it useful to have a map of the bus routes. Bangkok buses do not stop for long so keep an eye out ready to flag one down and jump on it before it moves away again. If using tuk tuks try to avoid catching them outside well known tourist attractions as that tends to bump the price up. When using car taxis the best option is to use the meter although some of them will refuse and will want to negotiate a set price. Sometimes that can be because of heavy traffic. If you are feeling brave, flag down one of the motorcycle taxis they will take backpacks usually.

There are some wonderful shopping opportunities in Bangkok. There are large shopping malls with many Western chains. Chinese or Nepalese tailors can make a suit or dress for you out of Thai or Chinese silk, or cotton. Chinese silk is cheaper. There is the weekend market at Chatuchak which is huge you couldn't possibly hope to cover it all in one visit.

Bangkok has a thriving nightlife, from discos and nightclubs, to bars with sex shows, and plenty of gay and lesbian venues. Muay thai (Thai boxing) matches are held at the Lumphini stadium or at the Ratchadamnoen stadium.

Bangkok Attractions Not To Miss:

Dusit Park home to teak mansions, elegant architecture and manicured gardens. A beautiful park full of things to do and see. While here, make sure to visit the neighbouring zoo.

Wat Pho Bangkok's oldest and largest temple. It is used as a traditional medicine center including the famous Institute of Massage.

Pak Khlong Market This 24/7 market provides this large city with fresh flowers and vegetables, known for offering the best array of flowers in the whole of Thailand.

Chatuchak Market Said to be the world's largest open air market, full of souvenirs.

Siam Niramit To engage in the Thai culture, this is quite a cultural show featuring spectacular sets and costumes.