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Cheap Flights Thailand

Peak season tends to be July, August and December so try and avoid these times. Indirect flights are cheaper than non stop ones and can be as little as four hours longer. Flights from the UK to Thailand stop over in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. If the stopover is longer than a few hours, some airlines will offer a night's accommodation and meals.

Some agents specialize in budget tickets or tickets for young people and give discounts for under 26 year olds or students. If planning a long trip to different destinations round the world then it can be worth buying round the world tickets as these usually work out cheaper than buying each single flight individually. However flights from Asia are much cheaper than buying flights in the West, so it depends what your plans are.

Buying flight tickets online can also save money. Websites selling flights usually allow you to compare prices to find the cheapest ones. Most allow you to check availability and book online as well. Check that the website offers secure payment.

Chartered flights are usually cheaper than scheduled ones. Tour operators lease the whole flight and sell them as part of a package holiday to popular tourist destinations. The packages usually include flights and accommodation and can include transfers from the airport to the hotel and air travel tax. If you are planning to go to popular holiday destination, this option is worth looking into.

Usually the key to getting cheap flights to Thailand is to be flexible. This is easier for people who have more time stopover flights may not be suitable for someone who only has a week off work. Also if you have specific dates in mind which you have to stick to, it may mean you can't take advantage of cheap last minute deals.