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Cheap Holiday Packages to Thailand

South East Asia is a popular destination for independent travellers. It is possible to buy round the world tickets which take in South East Asia and this can be a relatively cheap way of buying flights. Another option is to buy a one way ticket into Thailand and buy ongoing flights there as it is usually cheaper buying flights in Asia than it is in the West.

Travel agents are a good place to start as they usually know of any special offers or discounts on flights. It is cheaper to get a non direct flight with a stopover than a direct one this option may suit travellers with plenty of time to spare, rather than those on a two week break from work.

Accommodation, food and public transport is very cheap in Thailand making it ideal for a traveller on a low budget. The standard of accommodation tends to be pretty good apart from in very touristy areas with a lot of demand at high season, in which case you may end up paying over the odds for substandard accommodation. People who are travelling round Thailand independently rather than part of an organized tour can save a lot of money by arranging their own activities directly with the locals and using public transport.

Prices for holidays tend to vary according to what activities are included as well. Basic holiday packages including flights and accommodation in a beach resort can be relatively cheap, particularly for families. Single travellers may find it hard to get a single room in Thailand and may end up having to pay for a double or twin. Some packages specify a single person supplement. However holidays that include activities such as trekking, diving or golf will end up being much more expensive.

Many of the resorts do have a peak season. Beach resorts in the south are subject to the monsoon which affects the west coast from May to November and can also affect the east coast but to a much lesser degree. Booking a holiday for low season can save money and even during rainy season, most places do not get much rain.