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Flights to Thailand, UK to Bangkok

Buying flights in Thailand is cheaper than buying them in the West so if you are continuing onwards then consider waiting until you get there to buy the next leg of the journey. Some types of visa require proof of onward travel though so you would need to check that with a Thailand embassy before departure.

If you planning to travel to several places without backtracking at all, it is worth looking into buying a round the world ticket. To be eligible you must be travelling in one direction, ie you can not go back on yourself, and some tickets insist you stop off in North America on your return. Different tickets have different restrictions as to the number of stops and where you can go. The airlines form an alliance to offer this service so only flights with certain airlines are available. Round the world tickets tend to be much cheaper than buying the tickets individually. Usually the dates of the flights can be changed for a fee and the tickets are valid for a year.

Booking directly through the airline doesn't tend to be any cheaper, but does mean that you can change the dates of your departure or return. Travel agents are usually cheaper and there are ones that specialize in travel for students, budget flights or round the world tickets.

The most expensive times to fly are usually July, August and December. Check the peak periods when you book.

On leaving the country you will need to pay a 500 Baht departure tax this must be paid in Baht so make sure you have enough currency with you on departure.