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Thailand Holidays

Thailand is a fascinating country to visit with many different aspects to it. There are many prearranged holidays in Thailand available which reflect the rich diversity of what Thailand has to offer.

North Thailand

North Thailand has beautiful scenery, mountains, the hill tribes, national parks with wildlife, towns and cities of great cultural interest including their architecture and temples (Buddhist wats and Muslim mosques). Tours of north Thailand can take in activities such as hill tribe trekking, elephant riding, rafting and a visit to north Thailand's colourful and vibrant capital, Chiang Mai. Visiting hill tribe villages gives tourists a chance to meet local people and see their way of life. Trips involving rafting are best undertaken at the end of the rainy season in November when the rivers are fullest and waterfalls are at their best.

The Golden Triangle in the north most point of Thailand where Thailand borders Laos and Myanmar is popular for excursions to visit the area famous for opium smuggling Thailand has cracked down on this now and visit villages and tea plantations. Some tours include a night in a village with a traditional Thai meal and dancing.Cultural holidays in Thailand give people a chance to experience the Thai way of life first hand with overnight stays in villages and meals and dancing laid on. Thailand has many impressive ancient monuments and buildings which are definitely a must for those interested in history and architecture. Some of these cultural activities include visits to Ayuthaya, Phanom Rung Historical Park near the border with Cambodia, Sukhothai Historical Park or other historical sites.

Family oriented holidays make provision for those travelling with children. Activities are organised to suit all ages and interests. Different combinations are available so you can pick a tour which includes physical activities, cultural experiences and a visit to one of Thailand's main cities. Cheap holidays to Thailand are available for those on a budget.

South Thailand

South Thailand is famous for its islands and beaches with fantastic coral reefs and marine life suitable for diving and snorkelling trips. Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi are some of the southern provences, but most popular are its islands such as Koh Pha Ngan, home to the famous full moon parties, popular with ravers from around the world. Take a boat ride through Bangkok's Floating Market or be entertained with a show of Calypso Cabaret at the Asia Hotel.


The length of a tour can vary from a week to a month. Some holidays include flights, meals, accommodation and internal transportation check what is included and what isn't. Most excursions start from Bangkok, Thailand's capital, as that is the point at which most foreign tourists enter the country. Trips which are designed for the more physically active often have ratings for how hard or easy they are, so you can find one to suit your level of fitness. Excursions in Thailand can be arranged locally when you arrive in Thailand.