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Warning: don't always trust information from taxi drivers, or anyone with a vested interest. Some tuk tuk drivers get commission from jewellery or souvenir shops per tourist they bring into the shop so if you ask to go to a particular place, and the tuk tuk driver suggests going via a shop, say no. You can end up miles away from where you wanted to go. Likewise some also get commission from hotels or guesthouses for bringing people there, so they may tell you that the place you want to go has closed or there is some problem with it and then take you to a hotel or guesthouse which pays them commission. This will inflate the cost of your room.

Travel information is usually available from travel agents or tour operators. You can book bus and train tickets through travel agents and is usually preferable to pay their commission for the convenience. Travel agents can help you with information on holidays and flights, and are usually cheaper than booking directly with the airline, as they know of any discounts or deals around at the moment.