Thailand Nightlife Activities Bangkok Phuket Chiang Mai

Thailand Nightlife Activities Bangkok Phuket Chiang Mai

Thailand Nightlife

Thailand has a thriving nightlife, particularly in tourist locations. It impossible to discuss Thailand's nightlife without mentioning the go go bars which are appearing in tourist resorts in increasing numbers. Patong in Phuket, Patpong in Bangkok and Pattaya are particularly famous for these. Koh Pha Ngan, on east coast of south Thailand, is home to the famous full moon parties, which are a tourist attraction in their own right. Once a month the beach at Hat Rin is taken over by ravers and the island is jam packed with people determined to have a good time.

There are dance clubs in Bangkok and Chiang Mai and discos at most of the holiday resorts but outside these areas, Western style nightclubs and discos are rare. Some hotels have discos attached but these can be quite expensive. Thais are very keen on karaoke and bars with live music are also popular if you want to visit somewhere frequented more by Thais than foreign tourists. Foreign DJs as well as Thai DJs play in the dance clubs. Many clubs play a mixture of Western dance, rock or other genres, and Thai pop. The law has changed recently so that most places are shut after midnight. In some areas, usually areas frequented by tourists, the bars and clubs are required to close by 1 am unless they have live music, in which case they may stay open until 2 am. However the police may put pressure on them to close earlier. Bars and discos on the islands and beaches are often open past 2 am. Towns and cities are usually quieter in the week with bars closing earlier than at weekends.

There are Irish theme pubs and other theme bars in tourist areas. Reggae bars are also popular. It is easy to find a pool table for a game of pool and it is a good way of meeting the locals as Thais are keen pool players.

There is an up and coming gay and lesbian scene and tourists should also watch out for the famous lady boys, who often impersonate women so successfully that many tourists are taken in. Transvestite (kathoey) cabarets are popular in Bangkok.

Some Thailand Nightlife Activities not to miss:

Sky Bar admire the view from the 63rd floor bar in this super chic bar.

Saxophone offers a mix of jazz, blues and reggae.

Hard Rock Cafe plays covers of rock classics.

Q Bar dance until dawn at this club.