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Thailand Package Holidays

What is a package holiday? Generally the term package holiday refers to an all inclusive deal where you pay in advance for a combination of flights, accommodation and activities. Generally there are two types available: one offering flights there and back and one or more week's accommodation; and specialist tours which organise daytime activities and escorted excursions. Sometimes these tours also include flights. The flights and accommodation option can be a good deal if you are planning to stay in one place, but if you are planning to move around, or if you are a backpacker, then you should just buy the flights and sort out accommodation when you get there. Specialist tours tend to be more expensive but have the advantage that everything is organised for you so you don't have to plan everything. This would suit people who don't have much time but do have the money.

Package holidays to Thailand which include more than just flights and accommodation cover a range of activities such as golf, diving, snorkelling, canoeing, trekking, cultural tours, beach holidays, sailing etc the variety is endless. These can take a lot of the hassle out of travelling and the ones that cater for families are excellent for arranging activities that keep everyone happy. This means the parents can concentrate on relaxing and enjoying activities that don't appeal to children while the kids are kept occupied. For the more physically active holidays, pick a holiday suitable for your fitness level. They often give gradings for hard or easy the activities are to help you choose the right holiday for you.

Prices vary from budget holidays for families just seeking sun and sea, to luxury holidays with 5 star accommodation and transportation. Some holidays even include meals and transport once you get there. Usually transfers from the airport to the hotel are included in the price. Packages can vary though so check what is included. It is worth looking at the large range of options available: there should be something for everyone to suit a variety of interests. With prearranged group tours, check how large the groups are as it can be quite impersonal if there is a large group of tourists with less chance to interact with the country you are travelling in. Prices are usually based on two people sharing so people travelling alone who want a room to themselves usually have to pay a supplement.

Packages can be found in numerous ways. The internet usually will have the cheapest deals, however if you feel more comfortable using a travel agent then they also will be able to organise one for you. If searching online, Thailand Holidays, Wild Thailand and Funway Holidays all offer package deals worth looking into.

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