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Tours can be booked from abroad through specialist travel agencies. These prearrange accommodation and transport to see the most popular tourist attractions, or specialist holidays are available for those interested in golf, diving, sea kayaking or other activities. Guided tours of Thailand may be suitable for those who don't have much time as independent travel is often time consuming and frustrating. Those with specialist requirements may also prefer to book a tour of Thailand, for instance for those who are disabled. Some tour operators arrange tours for people of the same age group or with similar interests, so they can be a good idea for people who are travelling alone and would like to meet travelling companions.

Diving and snorkelling trips can be done as a day trip, or liveaboard tours are available over three or four days where accommodation is provided on a custom designed boat. This is a good way of reaching the more inaccessible dive spots. Snorkellers can usually go along for a discounted price. Dive trips can often be arranged over the Internet. It is worth checking to see whether dive shops have websites. Another interesting tour that can be booked in the south around the Krabi area is the kayaking trip to see underwater caves: at low tide it is possible to paddle into these chambers and see pristine cliffs and flora, unaffected by growth and development.

Trekking in north Thailand to visit hill tribes in mountainous areas is a popular activity. Cultural tours are also available which take in Chiang Mai, wats (temple complexes) and areas of historical interest. A chance to spend a night in a village and experience local culture, food, dancing and handicrafts is also offered on some holidays.

It is possible to book river trips in Bangkok, often with meals included, which allow you to view the temples from the river. Trips through the canals are possible as well: this is quite interesting as it offers an inside view into life in the rougher areas near the canals, and shows a different side to Bangkok. There are trips to see the floating markets which can be done from Bangkok : these are fascinating and a recognizable Thai spectacle.