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Timeshares in Aruba

Aruba timeshares offers access to luxurious resorts lined with white, sandy beaches, restaurants, 24 hour casinos and plenty of stylish shops and boutiques. Guests come here to indulge themselves in luxury, glamour and pampering but there is also plenty to do and see aside from lounging on the beach. As with most Caribbean islands, activities on Aruba revolve around water. The best swimming and snorkeling beaches are along the leeward coast just northeast of Oranjestad. Here you will find warm Caribbean waters protected from rough currents by the coral reef. It is also a good spot for diving as there is a variety of marine life. Yacht cruises and deep sea fishing are also popular along this side of the island.

Beaches on the opposite side of Aruba face the Atlantic and don't have the luxury of a protective reef barrier. Easterly winds and white waves make ideal conditions for windsurfing and surfing alike. The favourite beach among visiting surfers is Palm Beach but there are a number of hidden bays to explore too.

A short trip inland takes you to a rugged and arid landscape where the only visible signs of life are the cacti, divi divi trees (twisted trees) and goats. The Arikok National Park is good place to go for a late afternoon hike where large boulders, covered in ancient rock paintings, and limestone caves can be found. Among the must see sights of Aruba are the WWII German freighter wreck, gold mill ruins, the Fontein caves with Indian cave paintings and Yamata Hill which is the highest point on the island offering spectacular views.

Weather in Aruba is generally dry and hot with a daily high of between 80°F and 90°F. Temperatures don't tend to fluctuate very much throughout the year but the hottest months are from August to September while January and February are the coolest. Rain is not a common occurrence but the wettest time of the year is between October and January. Peak season is from mid December to mid April but going during the low season can be a good option if you want to avoid the masses while still enjoying good weather and fine beaches. Aruba is outside the hurricane belt and so there is very little risk in visiting the island during the Caribbean hurricane season from June to November.

Aruba timeshares can cost anywhere between $2000 and $16,000 on resale depending on the season, size and length of stay but new units, bought from developers, could easily cost twice as much. It is advisable to shop around as timeshare can be difficult to sell and vacation owners are often willing to negotiate. It also pays to buy Aruba timeshares in peak season if you intend to exchange as this would maximize the trade value of the week.