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Buy a Timeshare The In's and Out's

The decision to buy a timeshare is not one to be taken lightly and you need to carefully consider where you would like to purchase and what you want from your vacation ownership. Timeshares are not a financial investment, as resale value is usually lower than the price you paid for it, but they can be considered an investment in future vacations. However, timeshare ownership is a big commitment so you need to think about whether the responsibility is worth the benefits to you personally. Remember, you will still need to pay for flights, food, transport and entertainment.

Timeshares can be purchased as new units directly from the developer or as resale units from resale agencies, homeowner associations, resorts and private sales. Resale is a good option as they are much cheaper than buying new from the developer.

When considering the type of timeshare you wish to purchase think about your future vacations. Are you likely to go back to the same place every year or would you prefer to travel to new locations? Once you have decided which locations and resorts you are interested in go and visit them. Have a look around the resorts and speak to current timeshare owners to get an idea of whether they are the sorts of places you can see yourself vacationing every year. While you're there compare the prices of other resorts in the area. Ensure that the resort offers all the amenities you want in a vacation as well as friendly service, clean facilities and well maintained grounds.

Choosing a resort based on an award, such as the Gold Crown, will guarantee certain standards of quality. Another way to find a good quality resort is to go for those who are members of American Resort Development Association (ARDA).

Buyers can generally be split into two groups: those who prefer to use the same resort each year and those who prefer to try new locations via timeshare exchange or points systems. If you intend to buy timeshare in one location then you need to think about where you would like to go each year, what sort of resort you would like to stay in and what sort of vacation you would look forward to for years to come. Look in newspapers and magazines to find out what is available and to get an idea of the sort of price range you may be looking at. Developers, resale agencies, homeowners associations and owners of timeshares are all very good resources and speaking to them will help you get a good idea of what to look for.

If you are looking to buy with the intention of taking advantage of exchange opportunities then you need to buy timeshare that will maximize the exchange value. This means you need to buy in an area of high demand and purchase time in the high season. These two factors will maximize the amount of trade power you have and buying in peak season means you are not limited to what time of year you can request an exchange. When looking at resorts, remember that you do not actually intend to stay there every year so don't get too hung up on what sort of activities are available or whether you like the decor or not. Your priority is to find a reasonably priced, well maintained unit in a high demand resort.

Before you sign on the dotted line read all the documents through carefully and make sure you are clear about what you are receiving. You need to make sure you know what is included with your annual fee and if there are any extra mandatory charges such as cleaning and utilities.