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Timeshare Exchange

Timeshare exchange is a method of trading one timeshare week for another. This gives vacation owners the opportunity to visit other resorts in locations around the world, and the flexibility to travel during different times of the year. Timeshare exchange has become so popular that more than 80 percent of timeshare owners buy with the intention of swapping with others. If you are buying a timeshare with this in mind remember to consider what sort of exchanges you would like in future so you can factor this into your final decision.

There are a number of ways to go about finding an exchange but by far the most common method is to use an exchange company. RCI and II are two of the largest companies in the world but smaller, independent companies have recently started to appear. Recognized independent exchange companies include Trading Places, Donita's Exchange and the San Francisco Exchange.

Finding a timeshare exchange through a company is usually the best approach because they have extensive lists of resorts and locations worldwide which gives you a considerable number of choices. By becoming a member of an exchange company you gain access to a huge database of resorts, locations and timeshares available for trade. This significantly increases your chance of finding a good match for your timeshare week, and because the company does most of the searching for you, you don't have to worry about missing an opportunity.

The exchange method is similar to making deposits and withdrawals at the bank. When you want to exchange your timeshare you need to 'deposit' your week with the company. This is a way of informing the company that your timeshare is available for exchange and it is then added to their inventory along with other deposited timeshares. When you deposit your week, the company assesses its exchange value in order to find a comparable week. If one is not available immediately, as is often the case, you can go onto a waiting list known as an ongoing search. By specifying the resorts and locations you wish to visit, the exchange company will keep an eye out for new deposits fitting these specifications and inform you as soon as they come in. Once you have a match you call the company and either make a request from the catalogue or confirm a request from the ongoing search. Company consultants will then talk you through the rest of the exchange process.

It is advisable to make a deposit as early as possible as this allows time for a suitable match to be made. You should also make your request as soon as possible so the exchange company can start looking for a match. Being flexible on when you are able to travel and where you would like to go can be a big advantage as this too will give you a better chance of getting a match.

The exchange value of your timeshare will depend largely on demand. A timeshare with a resort, location and week of high demand will give you a significant amount of trading power. The size and quality of your timeshare will also affect its exchange value. Exchange value is difficult to predict and most companies have varying criteria but most ownership types can be used for timeshare exchanges. Even fixed weeks can be traded for weeks at different times throughout the year.

Timeshare exchange companies charge a membership fee as well as an exchange fee. Typical membership fees can cost between $80 and $90. Domestic exchange fees range from $120 to $150 and international fees are from $150 to $190. These prices vary depending on the company and exchange service provided.

Another way to find an exchange is through a vacation club or resort management group. If your timeshare is part of their exchange program you can request a trade with another member within the vacation club or resort group. You can also find a timeshare exchange yourself by simply locating a vacation owner who wishes to trade with you and notify your resort of the exchange.