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Fairfield Timeshares

Fairfield timeshares can be bought either as timeshare weeks or as points. Traditional weekly periods are known as FairShare vacation ownerships and can be fixed or floating weeks during a certain season of the year. They can be exchanged within the FairShare Exchange system for weeks at other participating resorts or they can be converted to points.

FairShare Plus is the points based timeshare program where members buy points instead of weeks. Points programs have become so popular that many timeshare resorts have started specializing in these systems, including Fairfield. FairShare Plus points can be divided and spent in varying amounts on short vacations in different resorts at different times of the year. A minimum of two nights can be booked in most cases but in resorts of particularly high demand there is a minimum of seven nights stay.

Points are used as a type of currency to obtain vacation weeks or to be spent on hotel stays, flights, car rental and other travel options. Points can be accumulated but they do not automatically carry over, points saving must be requested otherwise they will expire at the end of the use year. A use year is the period in which each allotment of points must be used and is usually from the 1 st January in most resorts, but not in all.

Points can also be borrowed from the next year's allotment. Additional FairShare Plus points can be rented at $5 per thousand points. If you are planning to borrow or rent, however, be sure to notify the company or resort 90 days in advance.

Points can be converted into a week that can be deposited with RCI or Interval International. These can then be used for a vacation either with RCI, within the following two years, or to obtain an exchange week through Interval. All these factors make points systems much more flexible than weekly timeshares which is why they have become the more popular option with vacation owners.

LeisurePlan is a benefits program for Fairfield timeshare owners that offers discounts, entertainment, recreational activities and travel deals. The Ambassador Rewards Program is a scheme whereby owners of Fairfield timeshares can earn credits when family and friends visit and tour a Fairfield sales location. Discovery Vacations is a short term membership within the LeisurePlan and the FairShare Plus programs.