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Hilton timeshare also gives owners access to certain benefits such as Hilton HHonors. These enable you to earn and redeem points that can be used for air travel and car rental as well as trading vacations with RCI resorts. Points can be divided or accumulated to be used for shorter or longer vacations. This is done by either saving or borrowing points. Saving points from one year to be carried over to the next gives owners the opportunity to exchange for a more exotic location, larger villa, high demand season or simply a longer period. Points can also be borrowed from the next year to be used now.

Villa style condos are offered ranging from studios to three bedroom apartments. These include amenities such as kitchenettes, TV, electronics, multi media entertainment and appliances. Hilton timeshares typically cost between $7400 and $99,999 to buy new from the developer. Buying a resale property would be much cheaper but be aware that if you buy from a broker that is not affiliated with Hilton you will not have access to certain benefits such as the HHonors. Real estate interests in Hilton resorts are usually deeded which means it is yours to pass on to family and friends or to rent. Many HGVClub resorts have onsite rental programs.