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Las Vegas Timeshares

Las Vegas timeshares have become increasingly popular and as the most frequently visited city in the US, it's not difficult to understand why. Massive hotels and resorts cater for some 37 million visitors each year. These hotels almost always have a casino as well as swimming pools, showrooms, restaurants, bars and luxury accommodations. Some hotels have even added theme parks and rides for kids. Despite this effort, no more than 10 percent of visitors actually bring kids. Las Vegas is a playground more for adults than for families despite an attempt at attracting families.

The main theme of the city is over the top extravagance but the best thing about it is that it is actually more affordable than in most other cities. Statistics from timeshare sales show that the average price for new Las Vegas timeshares was around $11,000 while the national average was at $14,000. As developer prices are easily twice as much as resale prices, buyers are likely to find good deals on luxury accommodations in Las Vegas, even though it is one of the most popular destinations in the US. With the number of tourists pouring in each year it would be wise to purchase a timeshare during the peak season, such as the week of New Year, as hotels are almost always fully booked during this time. This would make renting the week out or finding good exchange opportunities much easier.

By far the most popular activity, and one that most visitors come for, is gambling. Even for those who don't like to gamble the Strip is an impressive sight. Taking a stroll through this bright and dazzling area is a must for all visitors but look out for the carefully laid traps to get you into casinos, such as moving walkways that literally sweep you right in through the front entrance. These mammoth casinos cater for Tuxedo clad high rollers with expensive tastes but there are also plenty of casinos, particularly downtown, that take a less extravagant approach. Research by Ragatz Associates, a market research firm for the resort industry, has shown that timeshare owners in Las Vegas spend an average of 1.6 hours more in casinos than any other visitor. Considering that the 85 percent of visitors that gamble lose on average of $665 each, it is not always the cheapest vacation destination.

It is possible, however, to visit Las Vegas and not spend a ridiculous amount of money. Bargain buffet meals are easy to find and there are many other activities that work out cheaper than gambling. These include live shows, glitzy entertainment, tours, golf, spas and a number of pampering facilities offered by the resorts. Sightseeing is another option and for the adventurous visitor, the desert is the place to go. Regular bus tours leave from Las Vegas heading for the Grand Canyon where you can explore this natural wonder on foot, on horseback, by plane or by helicopter. Red Rock Canyon and Valley Fire State Park are both closer and also offer desert tours. Hoover Dam is another favourite place to visit and on the way, the Ethel M chocolate factory provides a tasty stop over.