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Marriott Timeshare Resales Cheaper Options

Finding cheap Marriott timeshare resales may take a bit of time, research and effort but it is certainly possible. The key is knowing where to look. A timeshare loses approximately 60 percent of its retail value as soon as it is sold so resales can easily be up 50 percent cheaper than a new property. It's a buyer's market where resales are concerned; the supply far outweighs the demand. This may be bad news for the seller but it's excellent news for the buyer because it means there is a huge selection of bargain deals to choose from.

Many resorts offer sale services for both new and resale properties so the first thing to do is to contact Marriott Vacation Club Direct Sales. Click here to visit their website. Buying a Marriott timeshare resale through a Marriott salesperson or an affiliated broker means you receive all membership privileges, including the points program. Point systems are rewards programs offered to members by vacation clubs as a type of currency to be used on a number of travel options such as hotel stays, car rental or exchange vacations at other resorts.

Other places to find Marriott timeshare resales are in newspapers, magazines and online. Some newspapers, such as USA Today, have entire sections dedicated to timeshare resales. For a more refined search, the Internet is the best option. Online timeshare auctions can be good but it may be difficult to find resales with a specific resort. Timeshare Users Group is an excellent resource for timeshare information and has a large number of useful links. It also includes resale listings, resort reviews and the opportunity to get in touch with other vacation owners., on the other hand, is a website by Marriott vacation owners specifically for those looking for Marriott resales, rental or exchanges. It is the best place to start your online search for Marriott resales as it has extensive listings of private owners looking to sell their timeshares as well as exchange and rent. It also has a search facility where you can find brokers specializing in resale in 50 states. It is a completely independent site and is not affiliated with Marriott. Click here to visit the website.

Buyers need to be aware that buying from a broker, or a private individual, who is not affiliated with Marriott will not be able to benefit from the Marriott points program unless the resale points are bought from a Marriott salesperson. Some resales on the listing may advertise the points program with the unit which means the owner is selling through a Marriott salesperson. Some people rent out their Marriott timeshares and use the proceeds from the rental to purchase the items they would have used points for. This way they can buy a cheap Marriott timeshare resale without worrying about missing out on the benefits of the reward points.