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Timeshares in Orlando

Orlando timeshares account for about 50 percent of all timeshare sales in Florida making them the most popular destination for vacation owners in the US. Having been dubbed the 'theme park capital of the world' it's inevitable that families make up the majority of these timeshare vacationers. Most resorts are within a drive of the main theme park attractions such as Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Sea World, MGM Studios and Animal Kingdom.

There are about 95 theme parks and similar attractions with a huge variety of entertainment for kids and adults. The over the top embellishments of these parks seems to have infected many of the surrounding resorts as they have adopted various themes from tropical to Euro bohemian. It seems the city has been transformed into a giant playground for kids of all ages.

However, there is more to Orlando than colourful theme parks. Shopping, like in the rest of Florida, is a much loved past time for many who come here and there is no shortage of clothing boutiques or large malls. Unlike the coastal areas, activities in Orlando do not always revolve around water. Museums, theatres, art galleries, hot air balloon rides, gardens and parks all provide alternative entertainment. Sea World and the Orlando Science Center both provide interesting yet fun educational trips for kids and parents alike.

Less frequented areas surrounding these tourist resorts have other attractions like canoeing, antique shopping and cycling. Kissimmee is a city near Orlando. It is worth mentioning as it is within easy driving distance and offers a more authentic Florida experience with rodeos and cattle auctions being very much a part of every day life. There are plenty of timeshare opportunities that offer a more laid back atmosphere along with activities such as horseback riding and petting farms. Theme parks like Walt Disney World and Sea World are still within a short distance making it a good alternative to the more tourist saturated areas of Orlando.

Orlando timeshares can be expensive, particularly if bought new from a developer, so it definitely worth looking for resales as these can be much cheaper. The national average for a one week timeshare is around $14,500 but some resales in Orlando can go for as little as $500. It is likely that Orlando timeshare resales will average around $3000 not including annual maintenance fees.