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Timeshare vacations have become a way of life for millions of people across the United States. The average timeshare owners tend to be mature couples looking for somewhere to go each year where they can relax and enjoy the sun. A lot of parents decide that timeshare vacations are a good way to allocate their annual holiday budget and ensure that they have at least one week set aside for a vacation each year. Consequently, timeshare resorts have sprung up all over the US and with so much choice it's difficult to decide which location is best for your vacation needs.

Best Family Vacation:

Orlando is the theme park capital of the world with about 95 theme parks, water parks and other similar attractions. It's no wonder then that this is the most popular family destination in the country. Orlando timeshare vacations are ideal for families with young children because the abundance of activities that will keep the whole family busy year after year. Timeshares here account for 50 percent of Florida's vacation ownerships. Prices range from $3000 to $14,500 for one week.

Best Caribbean Vacation:

Aruba is a tiny island off the coast of Venezuela but despite its small size, one million people visit every year. At least half of those one million people are timeshare owners, making this island one of the most desirable Caribbean destinations among US vacationers. This is hardly surprising considering what is on offer. Luxurious resorts with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere face onto white sand beaches while the warm Caribbean waters provide the perfect setting for lazy yacht cruises and deep sea fishing. Timeshare vacations in Aruba cost between $2000 and $16,000.

Best Luxury Vacation:

Las Vegas is well known for its monstrous hotels and massive casinos. For those looking for excitement, glamour and luxury this is certainly the place to go. Timeshare vacations are so popular here that Hilton has recently begun construction on a third resort and there are likely to be more as the city caters for 37 million visitors each year. Timeshares in Las Vegas have luxury accommodations at a cheaper price than in most other states. The average cost of purchasing a timeshare in Las Vegas is just over $11,000.

Best Island Vacation:

Hawaii is the fifth most popular timeshare destination in the US and attracts about 400,000 vacation owners each year. There are approximately 68 timeshare resorts spread out over six of the seven islands but the number is rising to cater for the increasingly high demand. Maui is one of the most frequently requested exchange destinations among US vacation owners making it the most popular island for timeshare vacations. What makes Hawaii so unique is the diversity of its landscape. Aside from the sandy beaches there are deserts, rainforests, mountains and volcanoes to be explored. Prices here average about $27,000.

Best Beach Vacation:

Mexico is the most popular foreign destination for timeshare vacations and has an average of 278 timeshare resorts. The 6000 miles of coast provide ample space for beach resorts and the warm waters are perfect for every kind of water sport imaginable. Most of the resorts are concentrated in nine main coastal areas which cater for sun seekers of all descriptions. Surfing, diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing and sun bathing are just a few of the favourite past times. Prices range from $5000 to $13,000.