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Accommodation in Turkey Hotels, Villas and Property

When it comes to finding accommodation in Turkey, travellers are spoilt for choice. Opt for one of the plentiful tourist hotels or apartment complexes, rent a private villa for your stay, or if you have fallen in love with Turkey and plan to return to the country year after year, why not consider buying your own property?

Turkish Hotels

Hotels in turkey are one of the most common accommodation choices for first time (or infrequent) travellers to the country. For people new to the holidaying in the area, these offer the benefit of being situated mainly on the best tourist tracks, and offering activities and services that will make your holiday trouble free.

The art of obtaining a cheap hotel in Turkey is by either going during quieter times in the summer (at the beginning or end of the season); and also by booking through online travel companies. By avoiding crowds, you can often acquire accommodation at around half the going rate.

Holiday Villas in Turkey

Holidaymakers looking to get away from the package holiday trap and wish to travel independently will benefit from hiring a villa for their trip. This option of hiring a holiday villa in Turkey is great for people seeking privacy and luxury of having their own space while on holiday, rather than staying at a crowed hotel. It is also great if you are part of a large group of families and friends holidaying together as many sleep up to 10 people. For a true touch of opulence, get a villa that has its own private swimming pool.

Buying Property in Turkey

For people who are looking for something more permanent in their holiday arrangements, there is the option of buying property in Turkey. This is said to be a relatively straight forward process in comparison with other European countries. If you are considering buying a piece of real estate, then make sure you go through the proper channels and don’t cut corners. Enlist the help of a reputable real estate agent and solicitor. Generally, the whole process should take between six and eight weeks to complete the sale, but this is just a guide don't be surprised if it takes you more than double that.

In the more populated tourist areas, you can expect to pay anywhere from £35,000 £60,000 for an apartment, whereas a villa with swimming pool can cost around £140,000.

Many buyers prefer to purchase properties in the major tourist resorts rather than off the beaten track, due to the wide prevalence of English speaking locals, as well as other British people choosing to purchase there.