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The weather in Turkey varies slightly depending on which area you are in, with it being swelteringly hot in summer and bitterly cold in winter inland and to the east, whereas on the west coast summers are hot and humid and winters are moderately cold.

The best time for travelling in this country is said to be in spring (April to May) or autumn (September to October), when the climate is most bearable for travelling.

Coastal areas are the most bearable temperature wise for Brits, due to the fact that it doesn’t get too hot or cold. The Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean coasts have a summer that is typical of other Mediterranean areas, with hot summers and mild to moderate winters. The further south you travel down the coast, the longer the swimming season lasts for, with October generally being the latest one can swim down there.

In the inland Central Anatolia area, once the summer hits, temperatures can shoot up to 45°C and become excessively hot for those unaccustomed to it. However, the exact opposite happens during winter with temperatures falling as low as subzero.

The Eastern Anatolia area experiences mild summers and snow heavily blankets the area during the long and inhospitable winter. Whereas the south eastern Anatolia experiences hot summers and mild winters fraught with rain.

Up on the Black Sea Coast, the summers are warm and winters mild, but the rainfall levels are a lot higher than elsewhere.

Mosquitoes can be an irritating problem between June and August, so traveling outside this time is ideal if you want to save yourself from annoying bites.

Turkey isn’t particularly geared towards winter tourism, with most hotels and attractions shutting down until spring arrives again. Roads can be treacherous to travel on – that’s if they are not closed already.

For those still game to travel during winter, there are some ski fields established on mountains near Erzurum, BVursa, Kayseri and Egirdir. These are fairly simple skiing facilities, but there is good snow coverage on the mountains for a full season of skiing.

During the warmer months, activities such as sailing, cycling, hiking and other water sports are popular with tourists. Turkey is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, featuring golden sandy beaches and clear azure waters. Many visitors flock to the coasts just to experience long sunny days and to laze on these glorious beaches.