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Cheap Flights to Vienna Consumer Insight

Thanks to the proliferation in online travel agents there’s never been a better time to find cheap flights to Vienna. The competition between airlines has heated up in recent years and prices have been driven down to record lows. A number of national carriers, including; British Airways, KLM Royal Dutch and Austrian Airlines operate daily flights between London and Vienna which can work out to be surprisingly economical if booked in advance.

In addition to the scheduled carriers there are a growing number of no frills airlines serving the Austrian capital, such as BMI British Midland and Air Berlin. A number of other ‘budget airlines’ already have their sights set on Vienna and no doubt it’s just a matter of time until the choice is greater still.

The key to getting a cheap flight to Vienna is flexibility. The lowest fares are available during the winter months (the converse is true for anyone planning to visit one of Austria’s westerly ski resorts). Similarly you’ll find the cheapest seats are open to those who are prepared to fly at the least social hours. Typically this means leaving at the crack of dawn or after dark. It’s worth carefully weighing up the pros and cons of flying at such times; as savings made on bargain tickets often disappear on additional taxi fares. Passengers who are able to fly mid week, avoiding Fridays and Saturdays, can also expect substantial discounts.

The Internet provides the most fertile hunting ground for anyone looking for cheap flights to Vienna. Online comparison sites such as expedia and opodo provide the best starting point. Because all online travel agents have access to different quotas of tickets it’s worth getting a number of quotes before making any commitment.

If you aren’t having much luck finding that elusive cheap flight on the web, don’t give up; there are still plenty of tried and tested routes you can follow. Scanning the back pages of the Sunday newspapers usually throws up the odd bargain, as does Teletext. For a personal service it’s difficult to beat the ‘high street’ travel agent whose exceptional buying power means they can negotiate some real bargains.